This is the list of my books so far:

A Long time no see – A Damon and Pythias short story

This is a free short story for you to enjoy. Damon and Pythias are lovers separated by the whim of the Goddess Hecate. This is the story of how they finally meet again.

There is an Epub version, a Mobi (Kindle) version and a pdf.


Shaman cover copyright J Chadwick 2017 “Have you tried being a shaman in the modern world? It’s not as if the Gods understand you have to earn a living or the bills don’t get paid! I was doing OK and managing to keep my secret life hidden from my work colleagues. That was until I bumped into an intriguing man who kept interfering in my life and in my dreams.
“He wasn’t supposed to stay in touch with me but somehow we kept meeting. Before we knew it, everything ended up spiralling out of control but he was called away so I thought that was all there could ever be as he was sure I’d never see him again.
“But what do I know? Not a lot apparently!
“I was resigning myself to life without him but before I could make sense of what had happened to me; my life was in pieces, I was hijacked and then I was thrown together with him again.
“Though this time we not only had to work out how we felt about each other, we had to make sense of Fae politics, otherwise I could end up bound to them for the next hundred years. And, if that wasn’t enough to be going on with, we weren’t sure if our feelings were real or whether or just another part of their games…”

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THis is another free story for you to enjoy:
Alex spent her whole life hiding her true nature, it had been impressed on her ever since she could remember that she must never tell anyone, but the longer she spends around Commander Kolrynn the harder it is to resist.
This Novella tells Alex’s story as she gets a glimpse into a world very different from the one she thought was normal. As she learns more about Kolrynn’s background the reader can piece the truth together with her as she wears that it’s safe for her to love and trust him.
Just when she realises she can safely give her heart to him he has to face the battle of his life. The culmination of all his struggles and the hope for a new life will he be strong enough to take on his greatest foe?
There is an Epub version, a Mobi (Kindle) version and a pdf.

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Kayden – The Zuleikas book one 

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Nick – The Zuleikas book two 

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Eternal Soldier

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