About EJ

This page is where I tell you about myself, Well I’m E J Marrick.

I’m currently based in the Malverns, though I come form South West Wales originally and you’ll find a lot of references to those places in what I write. Its true what they say, its always best and easiest to write about what you know. That’s why you’ll probably find a fair few references to IT as well as that’s where I used to work.

I’m new to publishing, though I have been telling stories on-line for a long time, mostly in chat-rooms and in emails but it helped me to develop my creative writing.

Then I slipped a disc and was forced to have some serious downtime, there isn’t much to do except read and cuddle the cats when you can barely move. Whilst I found a lot of good authors in that time I realised there were some stories that I wanted to read that I couldn’t find out there. So, having nothing better to do, I thought I’d better write them down and before I knew it I was wrapped up in my own worlds.

That’s when my friends staged an intervention and convinced me that I really ought to publish them. Since then its been a mad whorl of editors, cover artists and website designers. But now my books are going out into the big wide world and I just hope you like them.

Do feel free to contact me (ej@ejmarrick.com) and let me know what you like and even what you don’t like. You never know I might end up writing that book you’ve always wanted to read too.